How Little Tweaks To Your Food Routine Can Save You Money

No, I’m not talking about bring your coffee instead of stopping by Starbucks (or McDonald’s if you’re like me). I think we’ve all heard that before. However, there are some things that you can do to minimize some areas you overspend in. My problem area is food spending.

Move your grocery shopping day.

I used to shop on Sundays. It is a ritual. Wake up Sunday morning, have my coffee, head out to run errands. The problem is I would eat out Thursday night, Friday, AND SATURDAY because by Thursday I had pretty much run out of food. I decided to move my grocery shopping day to SATURDAY. That way I feel like I have food in the house and I’m not “forced” to go out to eat out of convenience and desperation.

Allow yourself a quick grocery run during the week

If I’m running low on something that I know I will need into the next week like milk for my morning coffee- I will go pick it up. Common advise says to limit the number of times you go grocery shopping to minimize your risk of overspending but I combat that by only buying what is on my list. Also, if I miscalculated portions and need something for lunch on Thursday I can buy something to make a sandwich or a frozen dinner instead of buying lunch.

In talking to my friend about this she said:

“I realized that by going once a week i was actually buying more than i needed because i was thinking “I don’t want to have to come back The funny thing is, my large once a week trips, sometimes wouldn’t cover the food i needed for the weekend “

Lump “Food” together and don’t break it out into Groceries & Eating Out

Before I was really stressing myself out about “eating out” budget versus “grocery” budget and I would get really down when I “blew my eating out budget” even when I came in under-budget for groceries. I decided to take some of the pressure off myself and have a general food category. How I choose to split that up is up to me. Some weeks its a 90/10 split some weeks it’s 50/50.. but the flexibility to move things around within an overarching limit has really helped.

What little tweaks have you found super helpful in saving you on food spending?

By: Love, Daring Greatly 

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