Do These 3 Things when you are approaching the Finish line

Have you ever had your nose to the grind stone? I mean pressed hard that it is kind of all you see- your goals and the very specific, detailed plans to get what you desire? I know for sure that I am not the only one! Well, that has been me for the last year-ish, when it comes to my financial goals.

Watching my spending, working extra to increase my income, changing my prayers,  and also saying “no” to expensive and fun things (so hard), so that I can say “yes” to financial freedom (so worth it). And man has it been an all over the place, wild and bumpy ride. But, now I’m actually approaching a new phase, and so are a lot of other “worker bee” types out there. As we hustle, we are actually realizing that our first goals, those initial plans that motivated us to change, well we are about to reach them. Then the absolutely burning question has to become, “So, now what to do?”

I am going to share some tips from my journey, because in real life, this is me. I’m about to approach the finish line of a major goal in the next 3 to 4 months and I have learned some things that might be useful, as you too prepare to enter such a season. So here we go!

1. Celebrate you!

Oh this one is first, and it is imperative. You have worked for this, whatever the goal is, you embraced it, changed for it, planned for it, and girl you are just about to crush it! So, pause and celebrate the tremendous hard work and effort that you have been putting forth.


If you have an accountability partner, invite them to join in, as you take some moments to honor the effort, and some time to commend the work. Or maybe it’s just you, and girl that is completely amazing! Find a way to commemorate the goal and the process that it took to achieve success. A small celebration like crafting a new morning affirmation or something more complex, like hosting a dinner party and vision board night. No matter what you decide, don’t let the time go by without acknowledging the power and purpose it took to live a changed life.

2. Finish strong!

Yes ma’am, after the weeks, months or years of work, don’t you dare slack up now. If you have been rocking it out at the gym, keep on showing up there. If you have been knocking out debt, continue to make those extra payments. If you have been making your mental health a priority, continue to show up to therapy appointments and complete the homework. Sometimes the approaching excitement of a goal completed, can trip us up, at just the exact right time. So, pay attention, and don’t deviate from the plan. It has worked for you this far, and it will get you to goal completion.

3. Dream, Outline, Plan.

Lastly,  I have a little 3 step process if you will, for all of us who can see our goals very clearly, and know that soon they will be completed.


Dreams are the loose stage. We have been so rooted in reality, because we have to be, in that working stage of our goals. We have budgeted to the penny, planned meals to the exact calorie count etc, and distracting dreams have been pushed aside. But in the last lap to the finish line, please allow yourself to dream. Just what will I do? What can I do? What do I want to do? Visualize you, girl boss that you are, confident and poised. Dream of what that woman wants, both hidden desires (it can feel scary to want some things so much), and the exciting dreams that bubble up and over. Release the reins of control, relax your posture, and let yourself dream.

Then you have, Outline, which is the firm stage. Now take those dreams, and start to give them some shape and structure. Maybe categorize the dreams (family, finances, travel, love, business etc) and then ponder what thoughts, strategies, and ideas go with each dream. I like to think of the outline stage as dreaming but with a pencil in your hand.

Plan is the solid stage. Think of planning as outlining but with a pen in your hand. We should be pretty familiar with planning. It is specific, it is doable, it has a name, place, cost, etc. Everything that is dreamed will not make it into the plan stage, and that is completely fine. In planning you need wisdom and direction. You take the Outline, scribble and expand it some, and you should end up with your brand-new, sparkling plan. Ta-da, you did it!

So, that’s it! I just have to say that I am proud of you, and all that you have done to get to this place and all you are going to do, to accomplish your goals. 2019 is here, and the time is going to pass either way. You can either work it out, and at the start of 2020, be oh so proud. Or you can just let the time go by, and start 2020 in the exact same spot you are now. I don’t even have to tell you what to do, you already know which choice will leave you content, joyous, and proud. Good luck girl, we all can do this! And as Louise Hay says, “Today is the future I created yesterday.”

What finish line are you approaching?

Sabrina is a true Florida girl at heart, which means she loves the sunshine. She has worked as an elementary  teacher and school counselor for the past 9 years, but took the daring leap into higher education last year. She believes in seeing the bright side, and you can often find her figuring out how grace and hospitality can add beauty, in our modern “rapid tech times”.  IG: @silverose543 

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