Debt-Free Journey or Start a Family?

By: Danielle N.|| It is not at all uncommon for a couple wishing to start a family to ask themselves, “Can we afford to have a baby? Should we pay off our debts first or start a family?" If you find yourself struggling with this question- keep reading. I am going to share with you some of the things we did in order to gain financial independence.

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Battling PTSD & $88k Debt

By Maria Rosa “Modern Budget Curl” || I quickly became obsessed with making more and more money. There were weeks where I was going from one job to another and not getting home until after midnight just to sleep for about 5 hours and wake up and do it again. My mental health started to suffer because I was working myself to the ground and I started to see my PTSD get worse.

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Time to Give up on PSLF?

Love, Daring Greatly || You've heard the statistic- "99% of PSLF Applicants were denied." So is it time to abandon PSLF? In this video, Toni is sharing her thoughts on the program, what she's doing, and a calculation to help you decide.

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