Debt-Free Journey or Start a Family?

By: Danielle N.|| It is not at all uncommon for a couple wishing to start a family to ask themselves, “Can we afford to have a baby? Should we pay off our debts first or start a family?" If you find yourself struggling with this question- keep reading. I am going to share with you some of the things we did in order to gain financial independence.

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Master Your Social Media Mentality This Summer:

By: Charlia Acree || Social media has fundamentally changed how we interact with each other and ourselves. When you see someone you “know” from social media- what do you do? Do you panic in an awkward limbo between saying “hi” and acting like you haven’t scrolled through this person’s entire life and know intimate details about them? But how do we reconcile this extensive level of access to one another and maintain our sanity?

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This Doesn’t Define Me

By Domonique Williams|| Numbers have the power to change your life. Randomly picking 7 correctly can make you a millionaire overnight. Your credit score can qualify you for a loan to get that dream house. Numbers are something we go harder for, lose sleep over, celebrate, countdown, compare-you name it.

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