Books Every New Investor Should Read

You’ve read my article “Get in the Investing Game: Tips for Beginners Investing in the Stock Market“. You are excited to become an investor but as a beginner to investing , you may still want to read some more. You want the basics and you want it fast. Well, there are 2 books that can be read in a day. You may want to keep them as reference books because of their simplicity.

2 Books Every New Investor Should Read

I recommend every New Investor read:

"How Rich People Think" by Steve Siebold

1. How Rich People Think by Steve Siebold.  This book is 207 pages with 100 Chapters each about a 1-2 pages long. Yep he titles each Chapter with a money myth and he goes in and dispels the myth.

He really changed my mind about all the bad things you hear/think about money. Most of all he makes it OK to think that way. It doesn’t teach you about investing but this book gets your mind in the right place to invest. Above all, before deciding to invest you should know if your mindset is in the right place to succeed.

Stock Market Investing Mini Lessons For Beginners by Mabel A. Nunez MBA

2. Stock Market Investing Mini Lessons For Beginners by Mabel Nunez (@girlsonthemoney)
 First, I started following @girlsonthemoney on Instagram and I enjoyed how Mabel (now an IG friend) devoted her page to answering simple questions about investing. Mabel wasn’t selling a pot of gold. She wasn’t posting a stack of bills and fancy cars. She was offering beginners real and honest help about investing. I decided to get her book to support her message but also I wanted to see if I needed a refresher on some of the finance lingo out.

Well, this little book was filled with information. It was like having a “cheat sheet” or “cliff notes” to an investing pop quiz. It’s 95 pages with 46 lessons on stocks, and also summary pages on Mutual Funds, Index Funds and ETFs. She teaches you in an hour (or two) terms that you will need to know to understand what the stock market components are and how it works.

I think once you have read both you will be ready to make that leap into investing in the stock market, real estate, or your own business. You will have the right mindset from Steve and if its the stock market you will have great reference guide to walk you through that first stock purchase from Mabel.

And 8 More for Every Investor

The other books on my list I enjoyed because once I started to invest I wanted to read about others and their success stories. The best investment books tell you that you will fail at times but that if you stick in it, stay informed and patient you will have financial freedom. The two books above I wish were there when I first started investing. I would have done it sooner. These books gave me comfort once I started that I wasn’t alone. This list has grown over the years especially in recent months. They are recommended for every investor.

  1. The Bogleheads Guide to Investing by Taylor Larimore
  2. Automatic Millionare by David Bach
  3. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John Bogle
  4. The Millionaire Mind by Thomas Stanley
  5. Ordinary People Extraordinary Wealth by Ric Edelman
  6. Making The Most of Your Money Now by Jane Bryant Quinn
  7. The $1000 Project by Canna Campbell 
  8. A real girl’s Guide To Money by Effie Zahos

What’s on your investing reading list?

T. Mchele resides in Los Angeles but is a transplant from the Windy City (Chicago). She works as a Senior Accountant for a nonprofit. Although a pretty private person she’s on Instagram to interact with others who don’t want to settle for 65/bingo lifestyle.  She loves reading anything finance or home décor and can’t wait to travel more and return to her Midwestern roots.  Catch her on IG: 1226Chicago_investor

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list T. Michele! I’m reading “Broke Millennial Takes on Investing” by Erin Lowry. It’s pretty good so far!

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